Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Extensive Kitchen Mold

This Kitchen suffered a moderate water damage that was left to dry on its own. By the time the owner contacted SERVPRO of Antioch, the mold had progressed to b... READ MORE

When you have mold, things have to come out

When you find you have mold, the saying "Out of sight , out of mind" does not hold true. You can clean the visible mold from the surface using a variety of cle... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold - Out of sight doesn't mean its not there

Mold is one of those things, Its all around us looking for a nice place to settle down and grow. Our houses are warm and made from wood and paper, all the thin... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold

Whenever water damage goes without attention, you risk mold growth. In this home, the refrigerator started leaking behind the unit where the homeowner couldn’t ... READ MORE