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Storm, Water Damage, commercial water damage

Doing What We Do

A little glimpse into the situations we can get inro during the course of what we do.  In this case, a recent storm had caused water damage to a Dental Office.  Here we are removing a ceiling while protecting the equipment around the work site

Cleaning and Sanitizing in the Pandemic, NEAR ME, ANTIOCH CA CLEANING

Cleaning and Sanitizing during the Pandemic

The pandemic is a unique time in history that mostly no one ever expected.  It hit us hard and ruthlessly, closing down businesses, orders to stay at home, use of face coverings when out and numerous other daily life interruptions. We are available 24 hours a day near Antioch CA.

Never the less, SERVPRO of Antioch is always here to your cleaning and sanitizing needs.  We can wipe down all horizontal surfaces, wipe all touch points and fog for the remaining areas with disinfectants approved by the CDC. 

We follow the CDC guidelines in our cleaning and sanitizing ensuring that your home and business is ready to occupy with out having to worry.  Call us today, servicing Antioch CA and the neighboring areas near me

A job too big....

Don't try to tackle a job that is too big. Let SERVPRO of Antioch come in and take care of it. Don't hesitate to call us 24/7 for any of your cleaning needs. 

Storm damage

Storms hit a Northern California home hard, and did a lot of roof damage. The water sat for a long time in the attic area,until it finally damaged the ceiling so bad it caved in. 

Call SERVPRO of Antioch to help if you have a similar situation.


Under the sink water damages

Under the  sink water damage

As a homeowner always make sure you are checking under your sink for potential water damages. Don’t have too much stuff under the sink, and always move items away from the back of the cabinets. Hidden damage can happen very quickly.

Call SERVPRO of Antioch as soon as you notice any signs of water damage


Long term damages

Many property management companies utilize SERVPRO of Antioch to help assess damages to their clients homes. Some homes are vacant and have long term issues that need to be addressed by a professional company such as SERVPRO of Antioch. We work hand in hand with them and come up with solutions to get the house back in a condition to be rented or sold. 

Contact us today 925-706-0106 

Strong winter storms

Strong winter storms

 Strong winter storms can hit your home hard. Sometimes you don’t know you have roof damage  from strong winter wind and rain until it shows signs inside your home. 

Give SERVPRO of Antioch at the first signs of water damage, and we can help mitigate any water damage before it turns into a bigger problem.

SERVPRO of Antioch here to help 24/7


House fires can occur at any time.

House fires can occur at any time.

This devastating house fire happened late in the night, luckily all family members were able to escape safely. The homeowner called her insurance and had SERVPRO  of Antioch onsite within a few hours. 

Don’t hesitate to call your local SERVPRO 24/7 


Antioch Sweets shop

Local Sweet shop had a kitchen fire that took out the whole building. 

The owner knew that his local restoration Company SERVPRO of Antioch would be able to get his business back to working order. 

Contact SERVPRO of Antioch 24/7 to help you with any of your fire related needs.

Kitchen fire in Antioch, CA

This family had a kitchen fire and were displaced for weeks. SERVPRO of Antioch was there to help when they needed it. Quickly getting the house cleaned and ready for a contractor, as well as  scheduling vendors to help get the other textile and electronic services they needed. 

Contact SERVPRO of Antioch 24/7 when you need help.

High rising waters damage many Delta homes

Rapid rising waters take out several homes in the delta community. 

SERVPRO of Antioch was called out to help with the severe flood damage caused by the water breaching the levees. Many homes that were not built on stilts suffered a lot of water damage caused by the king tides. 

SERVPRO of Antioch is always ready to help with any storm damages. 

contact us 24/7 925-706-0106

Hidden Mold

Why choose SERVPRO of Antioch?  Why would you need a company to come in after you have a small leak?

Because sometimes what you may think was  a small leak could have been going on much longer than you knew.

Our inspectors are always very thorough in our inspections. This was hidden damage that the homeowner never even knew was there.

Winter floods

During those crazy winter months when floods occur, and one hits your home or office, be sure you know who to call. 

Here at  SERVPRO of Antioch we can be there right away and perform emergency services, including water extraction, blocking and padding furniture and drying of your structural materials. 

Do not touch!

Not a pretty sight, and not something you want to handle yourself.

The business owner knew exactly who to call to handle this situation.

Here at SERVPRO of Antioch we have the right tools and the resources to dispose of any medical waste that is found at your property.

Just another reason why we are always here to help Call us 24/7 925-706-0106

Wildfire devastation

Wildfire Devastation

Pictures are worth a thousand words. 

SERVPRO of Antioch on the scene to assist in the clean up of the devastating north California wildfires.

SERVPRO of Antioch was honored to be able to help the many families during such a tragic time 

Devastating Wild Fires

When they Devastating wild fires hit Northern  California, SERVPRO of Antioch was ready and available. With a willing and hardworking crew we were able to help many families get back in their homes.

Thanks to all first responders and all the volunteers involved

Hotel Cleanup

Here at SERVPRO of Antioch we can help clean up any disaster even a hotel room that had guest that got a little too rowdy. Call us to help 24/7

Unwanted Hotel guest

When you have unwanted hotel guests and they leave behind a mess too big or too dangerous to clean up, that is when you can call your local SERVPRO of Antioch.

Out of Sight out of Mind

Well, I dont see any water. 

Often times we struggle whether to remove a cabinet or a wall just to "look" behind to see if water or mold got back there.  Often times customers question why we have to remove certain items.  This picture is a great example of why we have to get into certain areas, because if we miss this or you miss this, you will have a major mess on your hands down the road.

Items against the walls can lead to Mold ??

Sometimes, items that are against the wall can prevent air from circulating enough which can lead to colder air between the item and the wall.  This situation can cause higher humidity and lower temperatures that can cause mold growth to occur when left unnoticed. 

Garage Mold

Roof damages can cause all sorts of problems even in the garage, SERVPRO of Antioch is always ready to assist you with your mold and water damage needs whether you are in Antioch, Brentwood, Discovery Bay, Oakley or Pittsburg.  Estimates are always free during regular hours. 

Commercial Restoration

Here at SERVPRO Of Antioch, we handle everything from residential to commercial. Should your commercial building need restoration or remediation you can count on SERVPRO Of Antioch to do the job effectively and efficiently. We service Antioch, Pittsburgh, Brentwood, Oakley, discovery Bay and the surrounding areas


Water ran for 5 days from a broken toilet supply line above while the Homeowners were away on a trip. Can you imagine coming home from a trip, exhausted and finding this when you walk in. Should this happen to you, simply head to a Hotel and call SERVPRO of Antioch to take care of for you

Looks like a picture from the Haunted Mansion

Water ran for 5 days from a broken toilet supply line above while the Homeowners were away on a trip, Amazing photo of the damage that happens. If I didn't know better I would say we are at the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. Should you find yourself a victim of a similar disaster call SERVPRO of Antioch to help you through this challenging time

Extensive Cleanup

Water ran for 5 days from a broken toilet supply line above while the Homeowners were away on a trip, This is a photo of what sometimes needs to occur when extreme water damages occur. When SERVPRO of Antioch addresses a water damage, we are concerned with the tryout of the structure and the prevention of mold. Drywall and flooring materials are cosmetic only, the true concerns are behind these materials. Dry our building out correctly without having to worry about mold, Call SERVPRO of Antioch

Family Room

Water ran for 5 days from a broken toilet supply line above while the Homeowners were away on a trip, Family Room after demo, this was an extensive water loss. Not your typical water loss!! This homeowner will not have to worry about mold or dry rot because the structure was appropriately addressed. Covered Insurance claims cover all of this work and reconstruction. This is not typical, this is definitely an extreme situation

SERVPRO of Antioch

It gets hard to miss us. The Orange and Green was chosen by a marketing professional to stand out and be recognized and remembered. I think they were right when they said this color combination would stand out and be recognized. Cant miss us

Dont let the neighbors know

When you call SERVPRO of Antioch, its difficult to keep the message from getting to your neighbors. When we roll onto your street, someone is going to notice......Call the experts in damage restoration. Our colors show your job is being handled professionally

Drying for a water damage

An example of drying associated with a typical water loss. Most water losses consist of a smaller area of flooring and some walls. Most materials can be dried and saved, requiring very minimal reconstruction. Call the experts at SERVPRO of Antioch when you have unwanted water in your home

Commercial Fire

This is a shot from a commercial fire at a tow yard. Fire losses are among the most devastating losses you can ever go through. Fires tear through your place and what doesn't burn typically gets covered in black soot. Should you experience a fire in your home of business, call SERVPRO of Antioch, we will help Make it Like it Never Even Happened

Commercial Warehouse fire

A photo from a commercial warehouse fire. Did you know that soot is a combination of everything in your home that combusted, plastics, synthetic materials, natural materials, etc. Soot can be dry, or wet, oily, and messy. Specialized tools and products are needed to remove soot from surfaces.

Dollar City Commercial Fire

SERVPRO of Antioch at the Dollar City commercial fire in Antioch. Commercial work, call SERVPRO of Antioch. We don't just handle residential losses, we also have vast experience in handling commercial losses and restoring buildings to the way they were before the loss. No job is too big or too small

Washing Machine Melting

Fire is a devastating event.  This picture shows the effect of the heat on a washing machine 2 rooms away from the origin of the fire.  The remainder of the home was not much different.

Is that an Iron

Fire has devastating effects on your personal belongings.  This is an iron that was in the laundry room, this is an example of the effect of heat on items within a home during a fire

Refrigerator items

Fire has a devastating effect on a home.  This shot is from the inside of a refrigerator of a home that had a Kitchen fire.  This is inside of a closed, sealed fridge.  The refrigerator litterally melted away

Office Contents

Fire has a devastating effect on a home and its contents.  This house suffered a Kitchen fire that tore through the home ruining everything in its path.  This shot is of the office closet and the devastation from both the heat and soot to the belongings.  A great example of what to think about when you are storing important paperwork in your home

Historical Museum

SERVPRO of Antioch had the pleasure of working on the Antioch Historical Museum when they suffered a major rook leak that damaged two floors on the corner of the building. 

Encampment Cleanup

This is the pedestrian tunnel of Tregalas that had been taken over by homeless.  There were 3 people living in here for an unknown period of time.  SERVPRO of Antioch can handle any type of cleanup work and we regularly work with the City and Highway crews to cleanup these types of situations

Ready for Any Sized Disaster

At SERVPRO of Antioch, we are ready to handle any sized disaster.  From a small leak to a major flood.  From a small smoke loss to a major fire.  From a concern for mold to a large mold problem, SERVPRO of Antioch is ready to handle your loss with the right equipment, people and time.  We are ready and waiting to respond 24 hours a day.  Whether you have a residential property or a commercial property, we have you covered.