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Doing What We Do

A little glimpse into the situations we can get inro during the course of what we do.  In this case, a recent storm had caused water damage to a Dental Office.  Here we are removing a ceiling while protecting the equipment around the work site

Storm damage

Storms hit a Northern California home hard, and did a lot of roof damage. The water sat for a long time in the attic area,until it finally damaged the ceiling so bad it caved in. 

Call SERVPRO of Antioch to help if you have a similar situation.


Strong winter storms

Strong winter storms

 Strong winter storms can hit your home hard. Sometimes you don’t know you have roof damage  from strong winter wind and rain until it shows signs inside your home. 

Give SERVPRO of Antioch at the first signs of water damage, and we can help mitigate any water damage before it turns into a bigger problem.

SERVPRO of Antioch here to help 24/7


High rising waters damage many Delta homes

Rapid rising waters take out several homes in the delta community. 

SERVPRO of Antioch was called out to help with the severe flood damage caused by the water breaching the levees. Many homes that were not built on stilts suffered a lot of water damage caused by the king tides. 

SERVPRO of Antioch is always ready to help with any storm damages. 

contact us 24/7 925-706-0106

Winter floods

During those crazy winter months when floods occur, and one hits your home or office, be sure you know who to call. 

Here at  SERVPRO of Antioch we can be there right away and perform emergency services, including water extraction, blocking and padding furniture and drying of your structural materials. 

Wildfire devastation

Wildfire Devastation

Pictures are worth a thousand words. 

SERVPRO of Antioch on the scene to assist in the clean up of the devastating north California wildfires.

SERVPRO of Antioch was honored to be able to help the many families during such a tragic time 

Devastating Wild Fires

When they Devastating wild fires hit Northern  California, SERVPRO of Antioch was ready and available. With a willing and hardworking crew we were able to help many families get back in their homes.

Thanks to all first responders and all the volunteers involved