Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm damages

Storms can do a lot of damage to the outside of your home as well as the inside. If heavy wind and rain occur, roofs become damaged, when roofs become damaged ... READ MORE

Winter flood damage

Winter flood damage When a flood happens in your home it can be tragic. Typically flood waters contain a lot of harmful bacterias. When flood waters enter your ... READ MORE

Severe flood damage

When severe Floods happen and your house is affected, SERVPRO of Antioch is here to help. The huge King tides made the delta river rise rapidly and it took out... READ MORE

Commercial Storm Damage

It is difficult enough as a small business owner to managed our day-to-day operation. When the big storm hits, the last thing we want is to walk into our busine... READ MORE

Outside Water

Sometimes when the storms come, water that gets in can come from leaking roofs, gutters, or windows. Sometimes though the water may get deep enough outside to ... READ MORE

Window / Roof Leak

Storms wreak havoc on our homes and test the limits of the home to keep the water out. Sometimes water finds its way in. Even the smallest openings, if given ... READ MORE